Why Use B&L Photo?

Meet Bob & Lauren

Meet Bob

Bob’s fascination with photography began at a Cub Scout meeting when he was seven years old. By the time he was in High School he knew that it was to be his lifelong pursuit. In 1970 Bob began his professional photographic career as a studio portrait & wedding photographer. In addition to his photographic duties, Bob was a darkroom technician, doing his own processing and printing as well as that of other photographers in the studio. This experience allowed Bob to see hundreds of portraits and photos both good and bad, thus allowing him to see how not to make the same mistakes or how to improve an existing photo in the darkroom. 

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Bob's Experience

At this studio he was mentored by a European Master Photographer, Maragret Tackus. Her instruction gave Bob a mastery of both the camera and the darkroom. In 1982 Bob left the field of studio photography to open B&L Photo Lab. B&L Photo specializes in copy and restoration of photos, new & old. Bob has taken all of his darkroom & camera experience and transferred it to making the best digital and darkroom photos. Editing of images in the darkroom or on the computer gives Bob the arena to use all of his artistic & technical skills learned over his 50-plus years in photography.

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Then Came Lauren

Lauren joined B&L in 1992 after an 18 year career as a registered nurse. After teaching herself the art of computer photo restoration, she headed B&L Photo’s transition from traditional airbrush and pencil artwork to computer artwork, editing & retouching. B&L Photo was a trailblazer in computer restoration artwork in the early 1990's.  She now applies her 33-plus years of computer artwork, editing & retouching experience to each project she tackles, whether it is closing up a simple crack in a photo or doing cosmetic work on a snapshot to make a display-worthy portrait.

The Perfect Team

Bob & Lauren will not only do what is required to make you a new photo or portrait, but will use their years of experience to educate you on how your original was made, what type of photo you are presenting, what has happened to cause the problems displayed, and how to best display the new photo that they will make for you.

Together Bob & Lauren pool their talents to give their clients the very best outcome from whatever is presented to B&L Photo Lab. Lauren will use her computer skills to enhance or repair photos. Bob will apply his traditional camera & darkroom techniques or his computer skills to make you a photo that you will be proud to frame and hang in your home. It doesn’t matter if your photo is right out of a cell phone and needs cosmetic editing or is a century old Black &White photo that is tattered and in pieces, B&L will deliver to you the best photo that can be made! Please call B&L Photo or come and visit us. We will be glad to discuss and help you with your next project.

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