Custom Frames

Preserving History Every Day!

Custom Frame Selection

B&L Photo can provide you with a large selection of custom frames. We have over 300 sample corners of archival wood and metal frames for you to select from. We are happy to help you find the right frame to put around your photo, piece of art or documents so that your finished piece will look its finest on your wall. To protect your framed item B&L Photo offers both standard glass and low reflectance, UV filtering Museum Glass. (Museum Glass is a must for color photos and documents both new and old.)

Lauren & Bob will ask you questions that will aid you in presenting your item for its best display. They will then explain the how and why of our archival framing procedures so you will be confident that what is in the frame is properly protected for as long as it is on the wall.

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Frames & Mats

Bob & Lauren believe that a photo, whether it is a copy print, a restored print or a photo from your cell phone is just a piece of paper until it is placed in the right presentation. B&L Photo carries hundreds of frame and mat samples for you to choose from. Bob & Lauren will help you select the best combination of mat and frame to make your precious photo take a place of pride on your wall. B&L Photo carries a selection of frame samples that range from traditional and antique to contemporary. The mats carried by B&L Photo are archival mats to ensure that your photo is protected from contaminates that will shorten its life.

Protect Your Photos

At B&L Photo the frame and matting you select is made to fit your photo. You don’t need to cut off part of the print to fit into a standard off the shelf frame. At B&L Photo you can be sure that there are no acid mats or other sources of contaminants in the frame or matting that will shorten the life of your photo. B&L Photo carries UV inhibiting, low reflectance Museum Glass which adds protection from sunlight or fluorescent light and lengthens the life of your photo.

Framing Questions?

Bob & Lauren invite you to stop-in and discuss your framing needs. We can help you with framing photos, artwork, documents and posters. Please remember to bring in the piece that needs to be framed so that we can help you make the best selection of mat and frame.

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Oval Frames

B&L Photo has a large selection of oval frames and oval frame samples. Oval frames can be ordered in sizes of 3 ½”x5” through 30”x40”. In addition, B&L Photo can supply you with oval frames that fit the dimensions of the old Convex (Bubble) prints. And B&L Photo has access to Convex (Bubble) glass to fit both old print dimensions (taller & narrower) and modern print dimensions (slightly rounder).

Archival Rag Mats

B&L Photo carries 100s of Archival Rag mats, which when mated to right frame greatly enhance the photo that you place on your wall. You can use a single, double, triple mat or whatever excites your creative side. Come in and browse through the color, texture and finish of B&L Photos Crescent Mat samples until you find just the right combination to satisfy your desire.

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