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Our Steps to Restore your Photograph

B&L Photo Guarantees your satisfaction! B&L Photo will accept photos in Black & White or Color, of any size and in any condition. B&L Photo will also accept negatives, slides, transparencies, newspaper & magazine photos, drawings, flat art, convex (bubble-shaped prints) and Cirkut Prints (panorama photos 5”to 10” high by 16”to 72” long prints). Your photographic materials can be stained, cracked, faded, water damaged, be moldy, have mildew or be torn into pieces.

A High resolution digital capture is made of the B&W or the Color original.

Computer art is performed (for restorations) -- Quoted when we see the project

A new black and white silver gelatin fiber print or color print is made

Print toning of black and white silver gelatin fiber print (optional)

Print mounting (optional)

Painting in color on a photo on the computer (optional) -- Quoted when we see the project

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B&L Photo guaranties your satisfaction. B&L Photo accepts photos of any size and in any condition. Your photo can be stained, cracked, faded, water damaged or torn into pieces. 













How We Restore Your Photos

Bob photographs the items to be copied with a high resolution 65 mega pixal digital camera wired directly to our computer system.

Photographing, rather than scanning, allows for the use of filters that reduce stains, silvering (that shiny mirror look), aerial dispersion and paper texture. Using a camera to copy originals allows B&L Photo to accept originals that cannot be copied or are poorly copied on scanners. 

Restoration art is done on the computer by Lauren. Problems she fixes include:




Water Damage



Missing Areas

Removing People

Changes can include new backgrounds, moving heads or other body parts, removing people, adding people, etc.


B&L Photo will accept nearly anything that requires copying and/or restoration. Originals presented can be in pristine condition or extremely damaged. This includes photos, documents, newspaper & magazine pages, paintings & artwork or any other kind of flatwork; photos can be convex. (B&L Photo will not accept Copy Righted work unless accompanied with written permission allowing B&L Photo to reproduce the work.)

Work to be photographed can be any size from locket to 3’x5’. Work can be loose, in frames, in albums, in collages, mounted to thick or oversized backings or mounted to plaques. Work can be under glass, adhered to glass or even adhered to broken glass. Copying convex shaped photos is easy for us.

Work to be scanned includes slides, negatives, and transparencies from 8 mm to 8”x10”.Slides can be in paper, plastic or glass mounts or unmounted. Negatives can be in rolls, strips or cut individually. B&L Photo can scan glass negatives (up to 8”x10”), Magic Lantern Slides, Autochromes, and x-rays (up to 16”x20”).

Please note: If your work has been contaminated with sewer backups or is moldy please advise us of its condition before you bring it into our store. Such materials need to be separated so they will not contaminate other customer's work. Thank you for your cooperation.

Silver gelatin fiber paper is the only photographic material which can claim a true archival life; archival means 100 years or more. Silver gelatin fiber paper is made by coating a sheet of fiber paper with an emulsion of silver halide salts. Silver gelatin fiber prints made with B&L Photo's rigid processing procedures will have a life of 150 years or more. See B&L Photo Lab's Archival Black and White Print Process below. Other photo labs only provide black and white prints made as inkjet prints. These materials have a much shorter useful life. 

There are several options for color prints or negatives that have faded. The extent of fading will determine which correction option will be used. If the print or negative has minor fading or has lost contrast due to fading, the print or negative can be digitized, the colors brightened and the contrast restored. If the print or negative has experienced extreme fading or color shift, there are several options available at B&L Photo Lab. The color print or negative can be made into a black and white, brown tone, selenium tone or split tone silver gelatin fiber archival print; it can be left as such or photo oils can be applied making it a hand-tinted photograph. See What are Photo Oils? in the FAQ section.

Another way is to add color to the photo in the computer and output an Epson Archival Color Ink Jet print. See What is Digital Colorization? in the FAQ section. No matter which manner of restoring the color is chosen, the customer will need to give a color description. This can be the colors as they were or the way you wish to see it now.

When black and white prints are made, they are black and white. Print toning is done for two reasons. The most popular reason is aesthetic. Changing black and white images to a warm red-brown humanizes the image. The second is that toning chemically alters the silver in the print to a more stable form, lengthening the print’s life. B&L Photo offers two tones. Brown tone which is a sulfating process, and selenium tone, which is an ion replacement process.
  • Brown Tone: A warm red-brown tone that lends a rich look
  • Selenium Tone: A cool purple-brown colored tone

B&L Photo can make Color Archival Ink Jet prints up to 24" x 36". B&L Photo makes Archival Ink Jet prints that have a projected 80-year life. B&L Photo's Archival Ink Jet prints receive the same attention as its Silver Gelatin Fiber Archival prints that are made in the darkroom. They are cropped, dodged & burned-in and corrected for color, contrast, and density so as to make the finest print.

We can, but the quality of the final print will not be as good as if we had started from the original. If at all possible, it is always best to work from the original photo. Also, any damage that was in the original and is evident in the copy will need to be corrected.

Photograph Restoration Next Steps

For Black & White Copies and Copy and Restoration

After computer artwork is done on a Black & White project, B&L Photo Lab offers two types of final Black & White prints. We can produce a Silver Gelatin Fiber Archival print with a life of 150-plus years, or we can make a Black & White-looking Epson Archival Ink Jet print with a life of 80-plus years. With the Silver Gelatin Fiber Archival print you also receive a 4x5 inch Black & White negative with a 100-plus year life. (For family histories or genealogy we strongly recommend the Silver Gelatin Fiber Archival print over ink jet prints or electronic copies). 

For Color Copies and Copy & Restoration

After the computer artwork is done on a color restoration, a color photo is made. Color prints are made on an Epson Ink Jet Printer using Epson Ultrachrome Inks. 
When your black and white photo is printed in the darkroom, it is black and white. Adding a tone to a silver fiber print to change its color enhances its beauty. It can also make your new photo more closely match your original. Tones available are Brown Tone and Selenium Tone.
Painting in color on a photo via the computer can be used to add color to black & white photos, or to enhance the color of faded color photos. 

Cost for doing a copy and/or copy & restoration project

Step one:

High-Resolution Digital Capture of an Original | $35.00 per original

Step two:

Restoration Artwork (added only if requested) | Cost will be given when we see the original

Step three:

Cost of copy prints, either Black & White or Color

Black and white silver gelatin fiber archival prints

Print Size First Print Additional Prints
20" Long$195$160
14" Long$120$100
10" Long$75$65
7" and smaller$60$50
Wallets (set of 8)$75$65

Want to learn more about our toning services?

Epson Color Ultrachrome Ink Jet Prints

B&L Photo will produce either Color or Black & White Archival Ink Jet Prints for our customers. (Please remember that B&W ink jet prints have a much shorter life than Silver Gelatin Fiber prints). B&L Photo's ink jet prints are given the same handling on the computer monitor as if they were being printed in the darkroom under the enlarger. B&L Photo's ink jet prints are made on luster surface paper. Prints are made borderless, but can be printed with a white border if requested. (Borders greater than 1/4 inch may place the print in a larger print size and increase the cost.) Ink jet prints are available in standard size or in odd size prints. Ink jet prints are available up to 24-inches in width.

Print Size First Print Additional Prints
36" Long$275$210
24" Long$250$190
20" Long$175$120
14" Long$100$75
10" Long$65$55
7" and smaller$55$45
Wallets (set of 8)$65$55

Print Mounting

Silver fiber prints are mounted on 2-ply rag fiber board. Epson prints are mounted on 3/16” foam core.

Print Size Mounting Costs
36" Long$80
30" Long$65
24" Long$50
20" Long$40
14" Long or Smaller$30